24 August 2023

A Guide to Properly Measuring Pool Table Size


Are you a pool enthusiast, a homeowner considering a new addition, or perhaps a business owner looking to revamp your recreation area? Properly measuring a pool table’s size is the crucial first step in ensuring that you get the right fit for your space and gameplay preferences. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of measuring a pool table accurately and provide you with a size chart for different pool table dimensions.

Why Accurate Measurements Matter

Selecting the right size for your pool table is essential for a seamless playing experience. A table that’s too large can overwhelm your space, while one that’s too small can feel cramped and hinder gameplay. Accurate measurements not only ensure that your table fits the available space but also influence how players interact with the table and its surroundings.

Measuring Your Pool Table: Step by Step

Follow these steps to accurately measure your pool table:

  1. Length and Width: Measure the length and width of the playing surface, from bumper to bumper. This excludes the railings. Use a tape measure and ensure you’re measuring from the inside of the bumpers.
  2. Total Length and Width: Measure the total length and width of the pool table, including the bumpers or rails. This will give you the outer dimensions of the table.
  3. Playing Area: To determine the size of the playing area, subtract the width of the rail from the total width and the length of the rail from the total length.
  4. Room Measurements: Measure the room where you plan to place the pool table. This will help you ensure there’s enough space for comfortable gameplay. Consider allowing for ample space around the table for players to move and take shots without feeling cramped.
  5. Clearance: Don’t forget to account for any additional space needed for cueing. A standard cue stick is around 58 inches long, so having enough room for comfortable shots is crucial.

Pool Table Size Chart

Here’s a size chart to help you understand the various pool table dimensions available:

Table Size

Playing Area Dimensions

Typical Overall Dimensions


39″ x 78″

49″ x 88″


44″ x 88″

54″ x 98″


50″ x 100″

60″ x 110″

Choosing the Right Size for Your Needs

  • 7-foot Table: Great for smaller spaces and beginners. It’s suitable for casual play and is often found in homes or bars.
  • 8-foot Table: A popular choice for both casual and more serious players. It strikes a balance between size and gameplay experience.
  • 9-foot Table: Ideal for serious players and competitive settings. Offers a larger playing surface for advanced strategies.


Accurate measurements are the foundation of a well-fitting and functional pool table. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy home setup or a professional-grade experience, understanding the dimensions of the playing area and the table itself is key. Refer to our size chart to make an informed decision based on your available space and gameplay preferences. With the right measurements, you’re on your way to enjoying countless hours of pool fun!