24 August 2023

Pool Table Room Sizes

room size

If you are considering a pool table for your space, then you understand that not every type of pool table available on the market can fit your space. This also means that as a cautious person, you want to avoid buying a pool table that is too big for the designated space.

Like every important furniture purchase, it is critical to know what type of pool table will fit in your room size so that you can have a table that complements your space.

There are unstated rules to consider when choosing a pool table for your room. These include;

  1. What size of pool table you want to purchase
  2. What size the room you want to place the table
  3. What obstructions the room has. (fireplace, fixtures, etc.)

During every pool game, players need complete, unhindered access around the pool table to enjoy the game effortlessly.

The room size severely determines the pool table’s size. When you want to place a pool table in a room, you have to account for the extra space required for movement when playing the game.

Find the right table for your room below

Table size

Recommended Room Size with 58″ Cue Stick

7 feet by 3 ½  feet

17 feet by 13 ½  feet

8 feet by 4 feet

18 feet by 14 feet

9 feet by 4 ½  feet

19 feet by 14 ½ feet